Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Master at Manipulation, Watch How Hillary Deceives Us By Changing Her Accent

All politicians change their tone and demeanor to suit their audience. They’ll throw in a drawl here and an overly-expressive hand gesture there to try and mimic the affectations of the audience.

But few have done it as often or as well as Hillary Clinton.

Bloomberg Politics has a fascinating article about how Hillary has used just about every American Accent “east of the Mississippi” in her more than 30 years in American politics.

Even though she was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, for example, listen to her adopt a strong southern drawl right after her husband was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1983.

By that time, she had been in the south for eight years. That’s not long enough to develop such a drawl – so that one’s a fake.

Four years later, she let her fake Southern accent slip a little bit when giving a speech in 1987. Listen to how she pronounces “privacy.” That sounds pretty fake to me.

Five years later, when Bill was running for president, most of the southern drawl is gone. Bloomberg politics says she transitioned into Bills “D.C. accent.”

Then, as first lady, she abandoned her accents entirely. Here’s a great clip of her decorating the White House with Martha Stewart in 1995.

Fast forward to 2008. Then-Senator Clinton is campaigning for the Democratic Nomination. She’s speaking to a group in Selma, Alabama and wouldn’t you know? There’s the Southern drawl again. Is this a joke?

There are more clips on the Bloomberg site, but you get the idea. When the accent fits, Hillary’s right in there, drawl and all.