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Hillary Propaganda Leads Off With Fist-Pumping Mustached Gay Guy

To the Democratic insiders in Iowa, it was the “thrill of a lifetime.”

In a pretend meeting with “everyday Americans,” Hillary Clinton sat down with pre-screened political operatives at a photo opportunity where the only picture takers were Hillary’s video propagandists.

It turned into a great 30-second spot for Hillary. In it, the five local bigwigs pretended they were listening to a local gay rights advocate proclaim “that’s our gal,” and tell a story about her daughter overcoming some obstacles in life.

fist pump

Hillary’s Ace In The Hole: Fist-Pumping Gay Guy

Mike Lowell, the gay activist, has a moustache. Despite trailing other liberal politicians in her support for gay marriage, Lowell was fist-pumping over Hillary’s flip-flopping.

“I was thrilled when you recently urged the Supreme Court to rule in favor of marriage equality,” he said.  “I was like ‘That’s our gal.'”

Whether or not the public is supposed to believe that this campaign ploy is authentic has yet to be seen. It clearly isn’t.

If you watch the video carefully, look at some of the other diners. One just sits and stares into his lap, another can’t keep his eyes of Clinton and there’s a secret service agent pacing the room … looking for a Republican, I assume.

She’s going to have to do better than this if she wants to pretend she’s talking to “everyday Americans.”

Because these people are NOT “everyday Americans.” They’re campaign workers for Hillary Clinton.