Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

New York Times Writers Smoke A Joint, Declare Hillary “Fresh” And “Surprising”

The New York Times is soooo excited they can barely contain themselves.

There’s an “exciting” new presidential candidate on the trail and she’s a “cultural phenomenon!”

New! Exciting! Surprising! Fresh! “Phenomenon!?”

Yes! It’s Hillary Clinton! The politician every American has known for more than 20 years! Hillary Clinton, who is as new and surprising as the oil stain under my old Chevy pickup. Are they high?

Listen to how they gush over their chosen one:

Did you hear the one about the presidential candidate who walks into a Chipotle restaurant in Ohio? She orders a burrito bowl and makes headlines worldwide.

If you did not get the joke, you might not be a student of Hillary Rodham Clinton, perhaps one of the most overly cautious and controlled politicians of the modern era.

The punch line: After 25 years in the public eye, Mrs. Clinton has suddenly developed the capacity to surprise.

Cable television has not been able to get enough of Mrs. Clinton this week, treating her pit stops and political events in the Midwest like breaking news that requires hours of after-action analysis. Everyday-American Hillary has felt like a cultural phenomenon at times — not so much as hope-and-change Barack Obama became in 2007 and 2008, but far more than she ever was during their fight for the Democratic nomination.

As our friends at HotAir put it, Hillary’s going to be a lot of things. Ruthless, conniving, poll-driven and nasty. Predictable and stale with the same liberal talking points she’s had for decades, only changing if popular opinion does.

She’s not “exciting,” “fresh” or “surprising.”

As far as a “phenomenon”? I’ll concede that.

It’s phenomenal that a woman whose enmity toward “everyday Americans” is so palpable it emanates from her like a low hum is considered the front runner for the Presidency.

H/T: Hotair.com