Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Mafia Targets Another Dem Who Dares To Question Her Coronation

The Hillary Mafia is watching.

Martin O’Malley got whacked. The former Maryland governor dared to criticize Hillary’s coronation, saying the Presidency is “not some crown to be passed between two families.”

The Stormtroopers went into attack mode. Jennifer Grandhom told O’Malley “he’d better watch it.”

And on Sunday, when New York Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to immediately endorse Hillary’s candidacy, Stormtrooper Hilary Rosen declared that the New York Mayor’s “self aggrandizing on #MeetthePress @hillaryclintons expense won’t go un noticed.”

hilary rosen tweet

— Hilary Rosen (@hilaryr) April 12, 2015

The message: Nice city you’ve got there, mayor. It’d be a shame if something happened to it.

Rosen’s good at being the Democrats’ attack dog. During the 2012 campaign, she lashed out at Ann Romney, saying she never worked “a day in her life.”

Expect much more of this. Just a couple of weeks ago, a group calling themselves the “HRC Super Volunteers” sent a warning to members of the press: Watch it with sexist language like “ambitious” and “secretive.”

The “Super Volunteers” now have a Twitter feed that’s so full of over-the-top propaganda and sheer lunacy, I wonder if it’s a parody account.

Either way, the knives are out, Hillary’s attack dogs are at the ready. Which Democrat will dare to deny Hillary Clinton her destiny?

H/T: weaselzippers.us