Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Does Hillary Clinton Like To Punch Babies?

Hillary Clinton has declared war on children and families.

In her first press release since announcing she’s running for president (again), the almost-70-year-old Clinton announced she has “fought children and families all her career.”

hillary press releaseShe hasn’t detailed specifically who she assaults first, but since children probably go down a lot quicker, we’re guessing she fights the little children before turning on families.

The announcement a relatively new approach in campaigning. Typically candidates try to appeal to families and avoid mentioning how they like to cold-cock babies. But this is 2015 and this is a new and improved Hillary.

Since Mrs. Clinton has had years and years to prepare for this moment, it’s clear that her very first press release would be copyedited at least a jazillion times.

So it must be correct. With a war chest that is expected to exceed $2.5 billion, that’s a lot of money for baby punchin’.

I hope Chelsea keeps her new baby far away from grandma Clinton.

H/T: weaselzippers.us