Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Emails Hillary Lied and Said Were Lost Were Not

Another day, another lie Hillary just got in. Will someone please indict this woman (perjury is a good place to start) and put our nation out of its misery?

Legal watchdogs have discovered new emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server dating back to the first days of her tenure as secretary of State. The previously undisclosed February 2009 emails between Clinton from her then-chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, raise new questions about the scope of emails from Clinton’s early days in office that were not handed over to the State Department for recordkeeping.

Clinton’s presidential campaign has previously claimed that she did not use her personal “clintonemail.com” account before March 2009, weeks after she was sworn in as secretary of State. But on Thursday, Judicial Watch released a message from February 13, 2009, in which Mills communicated with Clinton on the account to discuss the National Security Agency’s efforts to produce a secure BlackBerry device for her to use as secretary of State.

The discovery is likely to renew questions about Clinton’s narrative about her use of the private email server.

Judicial Watch described the email as a repudiation of Clinton’s timeline.

“So now we know that, contrary to her statement under oath suggesting otherwise, Hillary Clinton did not turn over all her government emails. We also know why Hillary Clinton falsely suggests she didn’t use clintonemail.com account prior to March, 18, 2009 — because she didn’t want Americans to know about her February 13, 2009, email that shows that she knew her Blackberry and email use was not secure.”