Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Clinton Panders to America’s 51st State

Alliances are good. Allies are good. U.S. foreign policy always has included dollops of hypocrisy. Nothing new there. But what is it about Israel that causes American politicians to completely lose their minds?

I don’t know, but it is happening again. Any presidential candidate speaking to AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, during an election year is going to kneel in front of the most hawkish elements of the Israel lobby. Again, nothing new there. AIPAC itself is an odd duck, an entity overtly working for a foreign power that engenders loyalty and support from our own politicians akin to a mother’s love.

Despite all the sucking sounds expected of an AIPAC appearance, Hillary Clinton’s keynote speech at AIPAC’s annual meeting Monday, as Slate reports, “was more debased than it needed to be, promising that under her administration, Israel will be spared even the mild rebukes it has suffered under Obama. A symphony of pandering, it attempted to outflank Donald Trump on the right.”

And compare what lame-duck Joe Biden said, with our gal Hils.

Biden made clear in his own AIPAC speech that Israel’s “steady and systematic process of expanding settlements, legalizing outposts, seizing land” is making a two-state solution impossible. Clinton’s speech, however, barely nodded toward this reality, and when it did, it was with a promise to protect Israel from the consequences of flouting international law. Clinton: “Let me be clear — I would vigorously oppose any attempt by outside parties to impose a solution, including by the UN Security Council.”

So, free pass for Israel, again. With no peace, reconciliation or resolution in sight. More talks between friends like the Washington and Tel Aviv, with neutral parties like the UN sidelined.

It is altogether unclear why Clinton feels she needs to say what she says (we’ll leave out the possibility that she feels it deep within her soul.) The American Jewish vote will go Democratic no matter what. Sixty-nine percent voted for Obama in 2012, despite the well-known tension between him and Netanyahu. Meanwhile, in 2016, Clinton is running against a loud-mouthed demagogue with German roots who pals around with white supremacists and reportedly kept a volume of Hitler’s speeches beside his bed.