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Clinton: U.S. Has Done a ‘Really Good Job’ Securing Arizona-Mexico Border

One does wonder if she’s hit her head again, or from what sleep aid-induced haze she now speaks. And that’s because Hillary said this:

The United States has done a “really good job” of securing the border between Arizona and Mexico, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said in an exclusive interview Thursday.

“I think we’ve done a really good job securing the border,” she said. “I think that those who say we haven’t are not paying attention to what was done the last 15 years under President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.”

Clinton said the federal government has added both border officers and obstructions (The Wall!) , while the number of people attempting to cross the border has dropped. “Immigration from Mexico has dropped considerably,” she said. ”It’s just not happening anymore.”

Um, ok.

First, plenty of people are still crossing the border illegally. And while overall numbers are down, almost everyone on earth who is not Hillary knows that is due to declining jobs for Mexicans in the troubled lower end of the American economy. Even Obama is not claiming credit for what Hillary is giving him credit for.

If anyone understands the reality of all this, it is the people of Arizona, who live with it daily. And yet, there was Hillary telling them this just days before the March 22 primary.

And yet, inexplicably, people will vote for her…