Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Bernie, We Hardly Knew Ye

Absent a major loss in the FBI Indictment primary coming perhaps this summer, it looks like Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. It has been a messy slog for her to gain the thing she was supposed to effortlessly glide to, but it seems she made it.

Remember the plan?

Hillary spent most of last spring and summer fueling “speculation” over a run that was as inevitable as gas pains after a 7-11 burrito. She teased us over the summer with a book tour for her love-me memoir of her time as secretary of state, reminding us all at the same time how much experience she had, and of course how she personally killed bin Laden. Then there was the “see, she’s a real person!” listening tour, in the Scooby Van.

Hillary announces, the Dems dig up schumph Martin O’Malley as a foil for her so there could be some free air time for “debates,” and that was supposed to be that.

Then came Bernie.

Dissatisfaction with Hillary among voters coupled with a strong message from Sanders, forced the media to pay attention to him. He had some early victories, and a surprise win last week in Michigan could have signaled a strong race to the finish with Hillary. But, based on yesterday’s Super Tuesday results, it does not look like it is to be.

Clinton took Florida, Ohio and North Carolina conclusively. She beat Bernie in Missouri, barely, but still won. As I write this the two candidates are tied in Illinois.

More significantly, Hillary now has 1094 pledged delegates to Bernie’s 774, with a total of 2383 needed for the nomination. Hillary also controls most of the 300 so-called super delegates. Yes, yes, a lot of state primaries are yet to come, but the two big ones — California and New York — were very, very likely going to Hillary even before yesterday’s victories.

Adding to the misery, the media already seems to be turning away from covering Sanders, and has “pivoted” to focusing on Hillary’s statements about beating Trump in the general election.

What’s next? Sanders’ campaign is well-funded, and he knows there are a lot of potential game-changers in the many investigations swirling in the background of Hillary’s quest. He’ll stay in, and will win enough delegates to hold on to see what happens. He will continue to put his message out there, and influence voters.

At this point, we’re looking straight into the eyes of Trump versus Clinton hurricane in November.