Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Democratic Lawmakers Blast at Inspectors General in Clinton Email Probe

Nobody — nobody — plays the victim card better than Hillary Clinton. If being a victim was an Olympic event, they’d cancel it because Hillary always wins, even when the Russian judges cheat on scoring.

We all know that multiple investigations are underway in Washington, closing in on Hillary’s misuse of her private email server to send and receive classified material for four years, all revealed only after she got caught and outed. In addition to the actual FBI investigating, both the State Department (OIG) and the Intelligence Community inspectors general (ICIG) have ongoing investigations.

And guess what? Those nasty IGs are soooooo biased against Hillary. It’s not fair, ya’all!

At least so say five congressional Democrats, including the ranking members of the Senate and House intelligence committees, who have written to the State Department and Intelligence Community watchdogs demanding that their investigations of Hillary Clinton’s private email be “impartial, independent and diligent.”

The five-page letter accuses the inspectors general of politicizing the investigations. Funny fact: both inspectors general are Obama-era appointees.

“Based on public reports and communications from your offices to Congress, we have serious questions about how this review is being conducted… Already, this review has been too politicized. We are relying on you as independent inspectors general to perform your duties dispassionately and comprehensively,” the Democratic letter states. The letter was signed by Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Adam Schiff, ranking members of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees respectively.

A congressional source close to the email reviews said the letter from the Congresspeople appeared to be an extension of the Clinton campaign’s “shoot the inspector general” strategy. That itself is a highly-politicized act, but whatever, it’s only wrong when someone else does it.

In recent media interviews, Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon accused State Department inspector general Steve A. Linick of engaging in a “fishing expedition.” He also accused Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III of coordinating with Republican lawmakers to leak negative reports about Clinton.

So now, let’s all together feel sorry for Hillary, who is simply a victim in all this. Boo-hoo.