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Hillary ‘Delighted’ State Dept IT Staffer Cooperating in Email Probe

Even for a woman who makes lying into an art form, this one is a new high. Or maybe a new low?

Clinton said on Sunday it’s good news that former State Department employee and her personal staffer Bryan Pagliano was granted immunity from prosecution in the criminal investigation into her email server. Pagliano set up the server, and maintained it, while simultaneously working as a federal employee in a patronage job Hillary found for him at State.

“It’s a security review. I’m delighted that he has agreed to cooperate, as everyone else has,” she said on CBS’s Face The Nation.
“And I think that we’ll be moving toward a resolution.”

Clinton said on Sunday she thinks that the issue is getting “closer and closer” to being wrapped up. “I also know that there were reports today about the hundreds of officials and the thousand emails that they were sending back and forth that have been looked at and classified retroactively. This really raises serious questions about this whole process. So I’m hoping that, you know, we’ll get through this and then everybody can take a hard look at the interagency disputes and the arguments over retroactive classification,” she said.

To many, what Clinton calls “retroactive classification” is actually “restorative classification,” in that the material was originally classified, then stripped of its label as say TOP SECRET, and then that label was restored before the information was redacted and the email released to the public.