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Bryan Pagliano: Another Clinton Scandal?

We return to Bryan Pagliano, pictured above, the guy Hillary had hired by the State Department in 2008 after she became secretary of state. She also had him continue to administer her now infamous private email server, then run out of her New York home, supposedly paying him on the side for the help.

In addition to everything else swirling around that email server, there are also questions about whether or not whether the State Department spent taxpayer money to manage Hillary’s email server, as Pagliano was working for both State as a government employee and Hillary as a private employee at the same time. Did he use any government time or resources in that job?

Since Pagliano now has immunity from prosecution to testify, here are some things the FBI should ask him for:

— Detailed information on what, if anything, Pagliano did as a State Department employee. Was his position there simply a make-work patronage job? If he had actually duties, how did he do them and serve Clinton personally? Did he do any Clinton server maintenance remotely while at his desk at State?

— State employees must get approval for outside work, and that work must not be in conflict with their government job. Was Pagliano’s outside work for Clinton approved? If so, by whom? Let’s see that paper trail.

— Travel records to/from Chappaqua, New York, the Clinton estate, where the server was once located. Such records include, but are not limited to, expense reports, reimbursement forms, and travel logs. Was any work done on State time? Did State pay for any of the travel? Who did?

— Records of communications between Pagliano and any official, officer, or employee of the Office of the Secretary concerning former Secretary Clinton’s email server.

The information at issue in this request will shed light on whether the State Department was involved in the operation of Secretary Clinton’s email server.