Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

How Will Bully Boy Trump Play Against Hillary?

If Super Tuesday signals anything, it is that it’s more and more likely that come the fall we will see one of the most vicious, mudslinging and personal campaigns in modern American history, as Trump takes his bully boy tactics into war against Hillary.

How might that work for him? How ugly will things get should Donald Trump run against Hillary Clinton?

“It will be a war,” says Rebecca Traister, who wrote the book, Big Girls Don’t Cry, about Clinton’s failed 2008 race, and has just published another, All the Single Ladies,” about Clinton this time around. “Trump is popular because he is channeling the anxiety of those who are losing power — white men — to those who are gaining it — women and minorities— and he is willing to say anything that expresses that hate.”

Trump has shown no shyness in attacking women.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly, he called a “bimbo” and suggested was hormonally unstable. Or Carly Fiorina, of whom he said, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? She’s a woman, and I’m not supposed to say bad things, but really folks, come on! Are we serious?” He’s had choice words for Clinton already, too, calling the fact that she used the bathroom disgusting and turning a vulgar word for penis into a verb to describe her loss to Obama.

It may work.

No one has been able to turn even Trump’s most outrageous statements back against him, and there is nothing to suggest Clinton will succeed where others have failed. She will likely employ her go-to strategy when attacked, playing the victim, as she did during the Lewinsky scandal, and as she has done with her email scandal. That may backfire, as appearing weak against Trump is unlikely to help.

She’ll certainly cry sexism, but how much that will resonate outside her already very female supportive base remains to be seen. Her attempts to drum up wider support for herself as the first female president have not caught on outside her own circle.

No matter what, better get that umbrella ready, for the mud and dirt and spittle will fly.