Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary and the African-American Vote

Hillary did not love African-American voters in South Carolina in 2008, when she was running against Barack Obama. In 2016, when she is running against a white guy, Hillary loves African-American voters in South Carolina.

That means — Spoiler Alert — Hillary changes positions to fit her current needs.

And that is the point of the Republican National Committee creating the commercial above, using footage of Hillary Clinton’s contentious battle against Barack Obama in the 2008 South Carolina primary to push back on Clinton’s overwhelming support among the state’s black voters heading into Saturday’s primary.

The new video is called “The Clintons Hope You Forgot,” and includes footage of newscasters highlighting some of the more controversial moments and headlines surrounding that 2008 race.

NBC News’ Tim Russert in a rare show of media balls shows Clinton a headline from The State newspaper that calls her attacks “painful for black voters” and reads Clinton an op-ed from The Washington Post that argues she is “minimizing” Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of “I have a Dream.”

The video also includes references to President Bill Clinton’s remark from the trail that Obama, who eventually became the nation’s first black president, “would have been getting us coffee” a few years before.

It ends with a message to voters:”The Clintons: only with you when they need you.”