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Clinton Must Support the $15 Minimum Wage

The New York Times, in a rare editorial critical of the candidate it has already endorsed for the presidency, rebuked Hillary Clinton for not supported “The Fight for 15.” Unlike Bernie Sanders, who strongly believes the minimum wage should grow to $15 an hour, Hillary instead insists on only $12.

The Times said “Hillary Clinton has eloquently defined workers’ rights as human rights. She could assert both more forcefully by championing a stronger federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. So far, Mrs. Clinton has proposed lifting the federal hourly minimum to $12, from its current level of $7.25 an hour. Bernie Sanders is pushing for $15. Under both proposals, the increase would be phased in over five years, which means 2022 at the earliest, assuming that legislation to raise the minimum becomes law in 2017, the first year of the next president’s term.”

Clinton has argued that $15 might be too high for employers in low-wage states, causing them to lay off workers or make fewer hires. There is no proof for or against that position. There is solid empirical evidence showing that moderate increases in the minimum wage do not harm employment. But there is no similarly rigorous research on the effects of large increases, mainly because there haven’t been any.

Hillary is again behind the curve on this one.

On January 1, 2016, 13 states voluntarily raised their minimum wages above the Federal standard of $7.25 an hour. Since it was last raised in 2009 at the federal level to that $7.25 per hour, the minimum has lost about 8.1% of its purchasing power to inflation. The federal minimum wage hit its high point in 1968 at $8.54 in today’s dollars, meaning minimum-wage workers make less now than they did in 1968, when most of them were probably kids earning pocket money and not adults feeding their own children.

Hear that Hillary?