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Clinton’s Lead in Nevada Evaporates

…like water in the desert sand.

The Democratic primary fight in Nevada, once considered a no-sweat win for Hillary “The Rod” Clinton, has turned into a pitched battle with Bernie Sanders just days before Saturday’s Democratic caucuses.

A new survey shows Clinton and Sanders in a standoff, 45 percent to 45 percent, with 10 percent still undecided. Clinton was up by as many as 23 points as recently as December, but appears to have lost considerable ground in the face of Sanders aggressive campaigning and major ad buys that have eclipsed Clinton’s media effort.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Sanders has spent twice as much as Clinton on TV ad buys in Nevada. Sanders’ ads cover 7,000 spots in the Las Vegas and Reno markets compared to just 4,289 for Clinton.

In a state with a large Hispanic population and influential labor organizations, Clinton was expected to dominate the Democratic caucuses. Yet Sanders’ progressive agenda of free health care and college tuition and comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship has cut into Clinton’s support among Latinos, blacks and young people. That growing support base for Sanders also suggests Clinton may face an equally tough fight in South Carolina.

Sanders late last week picked up an endorsement from the Las Vegas-based International Brotherhood of Electric Workers, marking an important inroad on the labor movement. However, Clinton has been endorsed by more than 20 labor groups, including the influential Service Employees International Union. Labor endorsements in Nevada are highly significant because of the organizational muscle they often bring to political caucuses, and because a large number of the still-employed people in Nevada work in the highly-unionized gaming industry.