Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Crushed in New Hampshire

While every poll predicted Bernie Sanders would win in New Hampshire, not every poll predicted he would crush Hillary.

New Hampshire delivered a painful, personal, blow to Hillary Clinton, who squeezed out the narrowest of victories in Iowa last week mostly by virtue of her statistically improbable winning of six of seven tie-breaking coin tosses. The scale of her defeat in New Hampshire — by more than 20 points — is fueling internal dissent in her campaign and complaints by Democrats that her faux posing as a “progressive” is no match for Sanders’ bona fide passion, which has inspired younger Democratic voters.

The loss was especially rough because New Hampshire has long been kind to the Clintons. It’s the state that made Bill Clinton the “comeback kid” in 1992. And Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama there in 2008, salvaging her campaign for awhile after a third-place showing in Iowa.

Looking ahead, the details of Sanders’ win are also significant.

Bernie beat The Hillary Machine among nearly every demographic group, according to exit polls.

He carried majorities of both men and women. He won among those with and without college degrees. He won among gun owners and non-gun owners. He beat Clinton among previous primary voters and those participating for the first time. And he ran ahead among both moderates and liberals.

Clinton’s big win category? She did carry voters in families earning over $200,000 per year.