Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary is Displeased with Hillary’s Staff

After a near-miss in Iowa, pulled out only by the statistically improbably winning of six of seven coin tosses, and a certain thumping to be delivered today in New Hampshire, reports are that Madame is displeased with her staff, and heads will be lopped off.

So reports Politico. ‘The Clintons are not happy, and have been letting all of us know that,’ one Democratic insider says.

In fact, reports suggest Hillary and Billy are so dissatisfied they are considering staffing and strategy changes after New Hampshire, according to a half-dozen people with direct knowledge of the situation.

The Clintons, said to have been stung by her narrow “victory” in Iowa and shocked by polls showing her losing by as much as 20 percent in New Hampshire, had been planning to reassess staffing after the first four primaries, but the Clintons have become increasingly caustic in their criticism of aides and demanded the reassessment sooner.

“The Clintons are not happy and have been letting all of us know that,” said one Democratic official who speaks regularly to both. “The idea is that we need a more forward-looking message, for the primary — but also for the general election too. There’s no sense of panic, but there is an urgency to fix these problems right now.”

In an interview with suck-up Rachel Maddow, Hillary denied that she planned to fire anybody, but as is her wont disingenuously added a reappraisal of the campaign was only natural as the primaries progressed.

And we all know when Hillary denies it, that means it is absolutely true.