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Hillary Says the U.S. Cannot Have Universal Healthcare: Why Not?

From her early days on the campaign trail right up through last night’s debate, Clinton has maintained the U.S. can never have universal health care, the so-called single payer option. Why not?

A few explainers first. Right now, Americans have three options for healthcare insurance.

Their employer can arrange and maybe help pay for a private company to provide it. Or they can purchase insurance through a private company themselves. Or they can purchase it via Obamacare, which for the lowest income people may/may offer some sort of subsidy. Note that every option means you will pay for your own insurance and it will come from one of hundreds of private companies, at various prices, offering various plans.

If you are poor or unemployed, you end up with a cheap plan that provides for high deductibles and limited care options, or no insurance at all. The cheapest Obamacare options have deductibles in the thousands each year, meaning the poor cannot afford to use their insurance. Hillary’s claim that 90 percent of American now have healthcare coverage is disingenuous at best.

Single payer means the government acts as the primary health insurance provider for the nation; they are the “single payer.” Everybody gets the same good coverage, because the government can negotiate lower prices for services and drugs. It is the opposite of a monopoly, but it does hurt the big business interests of the insurance industry and Big Pharma.

Hillary says it is somehow impossible to implement that in the U.S. Bernie says it is possible, and necessary.

Impossible? Then how come all of the nations above have managed to create and successfully maintain, in most cases for decades, a single payer system? Why does the U.S. stand alone? Could it have anything to do with the influence of insurance and drug company money in our politics? Hillary, care to respond?