Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

I Don’t Know, But I Know This About Iowa…

I’ve been trying for two days, and I will now admit defeat in Iowa: I can’t figure out who won.

Easy one first: See you, Martin O’Malley. You had a sort-of good, but very short, run. Good luck with, well, whatever it is you do.

After that, things turn very complex. The salient fact coming out of Iowa is that apparently “democracy” in America now means flipping a coin to decide parts of the electoral process. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a virtual tie in the Iowa caucus Monday night. With 99 percent of precincts reported, there was just a 0.2 percent difference; Sanders had 49.6 percent of statewide delegate equivalents, and Clinton had 49.8 percent. The Iowa Democratic Party said the results were “the closest in Iowa Democratic caucus history.”

Recount? Nope. Because they were tied, in order to determine who would get the delegates, coin tosses were reportedly held in at least seven precincts. Some sources say 12 precincts. The Des Moines Register, as close to a definitive source as exists on all this, initially missed counting one.

And then on top of such democracy-shattering nonsense, we have Hillary’s amazing luck at coin tosses. Despite the odds against it being 64 to 1, Clinton won six of the seven tosses. Her “win” in Iowa, if she is the winner, was decided by winning six of seven coin tosses. If she lost to Bernie, then the near-tie in the first place was decided by winning six of seven coin tosses.

Of course there is more.

In Ames, Clinton was awarded county delegates based on a coin toss only after 60 caucus participants suddenly disappeared, for unknown reasons.

Moreover, a widely circulated video uploaded to C-SPAN alleges that Clinton supporters committed voter fraud in Polk County, Iowa. The post claims that the video shows the caucus chair and Clinton precinct captain not conducting an actual count of Clinton supporters and deliberately misleading the caucus. Who knows what really happened?

But here is what I do know.

Everything surrounding Hillary Clinton ends up this way. That sense, if not evidence, that something shady is afoot. Lots of odd occurrences (The Miracle Six coin toss victories) that are hard to explain and which bump hard against rational thought. The open-ended questions, in this case, as basic as who won the damn state.

It is a familiar pattern. Say what you want about her email, or Benghazi, or the finances of the Clinton Foundation, or your scandal of choice from her husband’s administration. The pattern is the same. If elected, be ready for eight years of this.