Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Everyone Except Hillary Still Thinks Hillary and Bernie are Tied in Iowa

In a campaign that has already set new records in weirdness, it appears that Hillary and Bernie are currently tied for the overall vote in Iowa.

In state of millions of people, with 1,681 voting precincts, as I write this Hillary and Bernie are at a 50-50 split, with 99 percent of the vote counted. It doesn’t get any tighter than this.

Officially, the Democratic party in Iowa has not announced a winner. The process forward may include a recount, or may simply be left a tie. One imagines the flurry of phone calls among the Party and the candidates’ camps trying to sort this out.

Except for Hillary, who, despite all the weight of that reality, has already declared herself the winner. In one of her careful parsing of words, Hillary announced herself the winner, based on her own count of delegates allotted, ignoring the vote tally itself. Sure thing, Hils.

The New York Times reports that the close results were “deeply unnerving” to Clinton and her husband, as well as her advisers, some of whom had expressed growing confidence in recent days that they had recaptured political momentum after weeks when Sanders was drawing huge crowds and rising in the polls. The Clintons had appeared optimistic at rallies over the weekend, thanking Iowans for their support as much as urging them to turn out to vote.

The close vote means that Clinton and Sanders are likely to split Iowa’s share of delegates to the Democratic convention, and Sanders will be able to argue that the Iowa result was a tie going into the New Hampshire primary on February 9. Momentum counts as much, or more, then delegates at this early stage (Iowa accounts for only one percent of the delegates needed to win the nomination), and the momentum seems to be on Bernie’s side.

For example, remember Sanders trailed Clinton in Iowa by 30 points only three months ago.

And in case anyone cares, Martin O’Malley announced that he was pulling out of the race.