Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Clinton Campaigners Trained To Push Unconvinced Voters To O’Malley

In yet another sleazy move, volunteers in Iowa working door-to-door and via phone for Hillary Clinton have been directing voters who can’t commit to their own candidate to former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley ahead of the caucuses. The move is an effort to take away votes from Clinton’s biggest opponent, Bernie Sanders. In other words, if Her Highness can’t have a vote, she is trying to ensure the vote at least does not work against her.

Clinton’s volunteers have even been issued an iPhone app that allowed them to track voters whom they should divert to O’Malley.

A Clinton precinct captain, Jerome Lehtola, confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the campaign has trained precinct captains to release supporters to O’Malley if the move can make him “viable” without hurting Clinton. A Clinton aide said the campaign has trained more than 4,000 volunteer precinct captains to handle a host of different scenarios, including ones where caucus-goers are released to or recruited from another camp. In Iowa’s complex caucus system, if a candidate (O’Malley in this case) gets less than 15 percent, his delegates move to either Clinton or Sanders. Hillary’s people figure most O’Malley supporters would choose her over Sanders.

The Sanders campaign called the move “sad and telling.”

O’Malley is currently polling at only three percent. Sanders and Clinton are in a statistical ties in many polls.

If you’re interested in how Iowa’s caucus system works, here’s an explainer.