Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

‘A Stench of Death’

Former Representative John LeBoutillier, pictured, has published as a good a summary of Hillary’s problems as there can be at this point. You can (and should) read the whole thing here, but it is also worth calling out a few highlights.

LeBoutillier’s broad theme is that we witnessing the end of the House of Clinton, that there is a stench of death surrounding her campaign. Hillary (and, to be fair, almost all of her Republican opponents) are refighting old elections, where mainstream candidates representing mainstream interests talk about change (remember Obama in 2008?) when everybody knows they do not intend to change anything of substance. Whatever you think about their electability, men like Trump and Sanders represent a growing sense in America that traditional candidates do not represent them anymore.

As for that stench of death, LeBoutillier notes:

— When Trump hit back over the “penchant for sexism” charge by basically calling Hillary Clinton an enabler in the former president’s sexual shenanigans, the Clintons backed off. Haven’t seen much of that before.

— The growing, potentially perfect email storm. The reports about an expanded FBI probe of her handling of secure information; the nexus of State Department favors for donors to the Clinton Foundation; and the story that Hillary Clinton or her staff might have lied to FBI agents in this probe.

— There looms over all that the speculation that Obama will stop the Department of Justice from indicting her. Indeed, the president will be in an unprecedented situation: He ran against the Clintons. He is known to loathe Bill Clinton. He apparently does not want the Clintons back in charge of the Democratic Party. If the DOJ recommends an indictment and he trashcans it, he will have his own legacy smeared with a permanent taint of having covered up for the Clintons.

— But, if Obama allows an indictment to move ahead, that will be the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. She may think she can march on despite charges, but that would be self-delusional. Her campaign will be finished the day charges are filed by Obama’s Justice Department. She can’t claim “politics as usual” or that old “right-wing conspiracy” nonsense as this will be Obama’s Justice Department — not a Republican-controlled entity — bringing these charges.

Things are going to get very interesting over the course of the Spring…