Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Needs A New Bogeyman

Gotta love Hillary.

She’s got one go-to playbook: what ever someone says she did wrong, she just didn’t do it, and the accusations are part of some nefarious conspiracy against her. The bogeyman is typically an unnamed “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Investors.com brings us up-to-date on all this, and how it fits in with the unfolding and unraveling email scandal from Hil’s time as secretary of state.

To minimize the email damage, Clinton has indeed resurrected the vast right-wing conspiracy she introduced in 1998 to defend husband Bill from his swirling sex scandals. This cabal was so powerful, she said, it had “been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.”

The vast right-wing is like Lex Luthor to Hillary’s Superman.

But even that’s not enough. Now, her campaign spokesman says, the intelligence community inspector general, “working with Republicans in Congress, continues to selectively leak materials in order to resurface the same allegations and try to hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

Vintage Clinton. Never done anything wrong. And all those accusations? Just people out to get her.

In blaming congressional Republicans, Clinton’s camp is hoping no one will notice that Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough, the first person to hold that relatively new position, is actually a President Obama appointment. Oops. And the inspector is the man Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said was “superbly qualified for this job” at his confirmation hearing.

But somehow, Inspector McCullough, confirmed unanimously in 2011 by the then-Democratic Senate, went from an admired and honorable person among Democrats to Hillary’s new nemesis.

At this point, it’s fair to ask again (and again…) why Clinton opted to use a personal email rather than a secure State Department account. She says it was a matter of convenience, but we know that’s not true. Obviously, Clinton had something to hide from media and Freedom of Information Act requests. But what? Was she covering tracks that showed her job at State was simply a conduit through which she could pump the Clinton Foundation with cash? Maybe she wanted to conceal certain relationships — Sidney Blumenthal? Or just good old fashioned Clinton paranoia?

Whatever the case, Clinton wanted to bury the truth she that would hurt her. But that’s always the way with the Clintons, for whom truth is the enemy.