Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Clinton as She Lashes Out at Intelligence Community Over Email Probe

Ah, yes, vintage Clinton. She runs a private email server, she mishandles classified information, and it is all someone else’s fault. She’s being attacked!

This is the Clinton Playbook 101. Get used to it; it’s gonna be a long campaign.

Clinton’s presidential campaign Wednesday accused the intelligence community’s top oversight official, the Inspector General Charles McCullough, of conspiring with Republicans to leak sensitive information about her personal e-mail server. Clinton of course had absolutely no evidence to share of a conspiracy.

On Tuesday the media reported on a letter sent by inspector general McCullough to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker. In the letter, McCullough stated that he had received sworn declarations from two separate intelligence agencies that cover “several dozen e-mails” on Clinton’s private server determined by these agencies to contain information that should have been treated as secret, top secret, and SAP, an abbreviation that refers to “special access programs,” which are among the most sensitive in the government.

So those are facts that can proven or disprove, simply by looking at the emails.

Instead, Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon, pictured, said McCullough and the Republican senators worked behind the scenes to orchestrate a series of events that would lead to the disclosure of those declarations.

“It is suspect from the beginning that the intelligence community inspector general is continuing to reveal materials and surface allegations while the Justice Department review is going on,” Fallon said. “It’s completely fair to suspect that the intelligence community inspector general is not operating in good faith.”

He provided no hard evidence to support those allegations, because, whatever, Clinton is being attacked and she did not have sex with that woman! Sound familiar?