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Hillary Won’t Condemn Rahm Emanuel for Laquan McDonald Killing, Coverup

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel can still count Hillary Clinton among his dwindling supporters. Do #BlackLivesMatter to Hillary? Meh, sort of, maybe, whatever.

The video above of course shows the murder of teenager Laquan McDonald, gunned down by Chicago police. Chicago mayor and former Obama and Bill Clinton advisor has been accused of trying to cover up damning video of a 2014 incident. At the very least he condoned keeping the video secret until finally forced by a court to release it. Many have since called for Rahm to resign. But not Hillary. To her, #RahmLifeMatters.

During a Sunday interview on “Meet The Press,” host Chuck Todd asked Hillary if she felt the embattled mayor still had “credibility” among Chicago’s black community in the wake of the video’s release.

Clinton said while she was outraged by what happened, she went on to voice support for Emanuel, albeit somewhat weakly and disingenuously, and said that Chicago’s policing problems are not unique. “Not unique” means very little to Laquan.

“We’ve got to do a lot more to deal with the systemic racism and the problems that policing has demonstrated,” Clinton said. “Mayor Emanuel has said that he is committed to complete and total reform, and I think he should be held to that standard.”

When Todd pressed her again about Emanuel’s credibility, Clinton said “that’s going to be up to him and up to the people of Chicago to prove.”

In December Clinton told a reporter she was “confident that Rahm’s going to do everything he can to get to the bottom of these issues and take whatever measures are necessary to remedy them.”