Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Clinton Surrogate Thugs Demand Sanders’ Medical Records

After months of simply pretending Bernie does not exist on earth (“ignoring” seems like too weak a word), the Clinton campaign is shifting over to what it does best: attack, attack, attack, with no blow too low.

First up was Chelsea Clinton, who failed nearly completely to smear Sanders over healthcare. And that alongside Bill’s own bumbling. Has the man had a stroke, or just too much Viagra to say nice words anymore?

So now Team Clinton slips into its favorite attack mode, using surrogates to attack while allowing Hillary to “stay above it all.” During Bill’s time the role was played most by human fecal mound James Carville.

So welcome to the stage Clinton defender David Brock, pictured, founder of the Correct the Record PAC, which coordinates directly with Clinton’s campaign. He is calling on the 74-year-old Sanders to release his medical records before the Iowa caucuses on February 1. This signals one Clinton sleaze meme will be to pound on Bernie’s age. Hillary herself is a spry 68.

Brock is said to directly challenge Sanders to cough up a clean bill of health and doctor’s note in the next 16 days. Clinton has released her medical records, showing she is “fit to serve as President,” last July.

The Sanders campaign issued its own fundraising plea off of this report, calling it “a new, vile super PAC attack on Bernie.”