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Chelsea: I Hate Money!

Fresh off her horrendous failure acting as mommy’s attack dog against Bernie Sanders, America’s sweetheart Chelsea Clinton has taken to the ever-compliant media to reclaim her image. She hates those monies!

(Chelsea has also demonstrated the Clinton family talent for just outrageous lies when she finds her back against the wall. And some people want 4/8 years of this crap?)

See, daughter Chelsea, according to a recent interview, claims she couldn’t care less about money.

“I was curious if I could care about money on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,” she told Fast Company, explaining why she gave up lucrative gigs mommy and daddy found for her to join her family’s philanthropic foundation to work with mommy and daddy.

The 34-year-old defended jumping around to different careers she was completely unqualified for, from consulting to a hedge fund to academia to journalism, before finding her true calling — working with her parents.

Those fun work thingies for Chelsea also paid her a lot of that money she so hates, including a $600,000 annual salary for an irregular stint as an NBC special correspondent.

“I will just always work harder than anybody else,” said Clinton, who along with former banker husband Marc Mezvinsky, purchased a $10.5-million Gramercy Park apartment in 2013. “And hopefully, over time, I preempt and erase whatever expectations people have of me not having a good work ethic, or not being smart, or not being motivated.”

Hillary, was criticized for remarks at the beginning of her current presidential bid for suggesting she exited the White House “dead broke” and wasn’t “truly well off” despite millions of dollars in public speaking earnings.