Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Desperate Hillary Unleashes Lame Chelsea Against Bernie

Like 2008, this is supposed to be Hillary’s election. Her plan was to float along, make a few speeches, gut it out coated in Purell shaking a few poor people’s hands, and then wait to be summoned for the inauguration. She certainly had made it clear she did not wish for any opposition from another Democratic candidate. Oh, piff poff, she would allow a sop like Martin O’Malley to hang around, mainly so she would have someone to “debate” and keep her face on TV.

But now there is Bernie, pulling ahead of her in New Hampshire and Iowa.

For any other candidate, the what-to-do question would involve more visits, more speeches, more TV time. For the Clintons, the only solution is to launch a personal attack against Sanders, and not even a good one. Expected. What was unexpected in this round was that Hillary choose Chelsea, her freaking daughter for gosh sakes, to make the attack. Sanders is 40 years older and a million years more experienced than Chelsea, whose core message is Don’t mess with my mommy!

Making her first solo appearance on the stump, Chelsea Clinton late Tuesday ripped Sanders over his proposals on healthcare and college affordability, arguing he wants to “dismantle” ObamaCare and Medicare. Neither of those things are true. Sanders is in favor of changes to Obamacare, mostly focused on a switch to single payer, and his college plans have nothing to do with either Obamacare or Medicare. Whatever.

Democrats have almost universally panned the attack, believing it to be ineffective and a misuse of Chelsea. They note that Chelsea Clinton has mostly been used to highlight Hillary Clinton’s (alleged) softer side as a mother and grandmother and say she seemed uncomfortable shedding her first daughter persona for the role of attack dog.

“The thing that tells you as much as anything about the Clinton campaign’s current state of mind is Chelsea going on the attack. It tells you everything you need to know,” said one Democratic strategist. “That this challenge from Sanders is real and they’ve got to be freaking out.”

The attack caught many Democrats, including Sanders and his supporters, by surprise. Following Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, CNN played the clip of Chelsea Clinton’s criticism directly to Sanders. The Vermont senator held back a wry smile as he offered a measured rebuke of Chelsea. “As much as I admire Chelsea, she didn’t read the plan,” he said.

“I was surprised and thought it was out of character. It seems the Clinton campaign is going into full destruction mode very early in this process,” said another Sanders supporter.

The move to send Chelsea on the attack follows the failed move to send Bill out to talk about Hillary’s support for women’s rights as long as the women are not sex toys for Bill.