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Hillary’s Rebuttal to Email ‘Smoking Gun’ is Weak

Appearing on “Face the Nation” Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton tried to rebut the charge that she instructed an aide to violate the rules for handling classified information by taking a secure fax message and “turning [a memo] into nonpaper with no identifying heading and send nonsecure.”

Clinton defended her action in her usual say-something-that-says-nothing way that will be accepted as fact by a biased media.

Hillary threw out a couple of defenses, hoping one would stick:

— She said no matter what she ordered, the material was never actually sent.

— She said there is no proof that the material that was supposed to be sent via a classified fax had any classified in it. The State Department, however, redacted years-old text and subject line information, before releasing the email. We just are supposed to take Hillary’s word for it all.

— Hillary never explained why she ordered that the identifying heading be removed before sending it to her unsecured.

None of those statements were challenged.

More importantly, no one seems to focus on the fact that whether or not the material was actually sent, Clinton ordered it to be sent, showing her full disdain for rules that inconvenience her. Is this really the person we wish to entrust with America’s secrets?

As one commentator said:

“What is an issue is her apparent familiarity with a procedure to circumvent the security system in place to protect classified information. She responded right away when she was told there would be a delay in sending a secure fax. This from a woman whose emails show she doesn’t know how to operate a fax, an ipad, email, or a TV. She can’t even type and doesn’t keep a computer in her office because she doesn’t know how to use one.

“But she sure knew how to get around the rules on transmitting classified material.”