Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Clinton Machine Takes Fundraising to New Highs (or is it new lows?)

If you have to acknowledge evil genius, there is no better place to do it than with the Clinton fundraising machine.

Via favors doled out previously as secretary of state, shakedowns and money laundering through the Clinton Foundation, Bill’s lucrative speechmaking and just plain out naked influence buying from the wealthy and their Super PACs, nobody — nobody — can touch the Clintons.

Here’s how one part of the machine works.

The Hill reports Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is building the most expansive fundraising network in recent memory, taking its prospecting far beyond the usual Democratic shakedown zones among the rich on the East and West coasts. Clinton’s operation is now also tapping smaller cities to avoid running dry in California and New York (there are, after all, only so many high-tech studs and hedge fund managers out there.)

One source familiar with her schedule noted that many of the places Clinton is mining for cash are in Super Tuesday states, allowing her to double up with campaign events and fundraisers. “Killing two birds,” summarized one Clinton stooge. The strategy also avoids “wear and tear” in the bigger cities, whose donors will need to be squeezed again in the general election.

Clinton has received at least $80 million into her campaign account so far, more than any other candidate.

Bernie has had campaign fundraisers in 10 states, but his fundraising strategy relies less on intimate gatherings in the living rooms of multimillionaires and more on drumming up small donations online. Sanders is also the only candidate in the race, besides billionaire Donald Trump, who refuses the support of super-PACs. Hillary of course will lap up the moolah from any trough placed in front of her.