Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Watch: ‘A Very Clinton Christmas’

Following Ted Cruz’ semi-parody Christmas ad, which aired only in Iowa and during SNL, you might expect other candidates to create their own such advertisements. You know, show a little holiday spirit, demonstrate to the youth you can take a joke.

Well, while we are still waiting for the Clinton campaign to show us Hillary’s sense of humor, a Republican super-PAC has stepped in with a parody of “The Night before Christmas” to skewer Hillary Clinton over scandals and shortcomings.

The PAC Future45 has questioned the Democratic presidential front-runner since late October on her trustworthiness and character. “A Very Clinton Christmas” uses the holiday to highlight everything from the former secretary of state’s “home-brew” email server currently under investigation by the FBI, to the her failed reset with Russia.

“‘Twas the morning of Christmas at the Clinton house, the gifts were all opened: a new server, a mouse,” the narrator says. “A new lamp for Huma, and checks from big banks. A ‘reset’ from Putin, she’ll send him a ‘thanks.’ Some classified emails and foreign donations, they’d be dead-broke without the Clinton Foundation.”

The 30-second commercial, which will air in New Hampshire starting December 26, shows also classified documents burning in a fireplace.

“And that’s why this Christmas, we all must agree: We cannot send Hillary back to D.C.,” the narrator adds.