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Emails Show Hillary Ignored State Department Warnings About Device Security

At what point (is there a point?) will Hillary’s documented lack of concern for national security secrets reach a critical mass and begin to affect her loyalists? How many examples of her blatant disregard for following rules that inconvenience her will it take?

I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I do know there is a new example.

This week, Judicial Watch released new documents, obtained only as the result of a federal court order, containing more than 50 State Department internal emails from 2009 and 2011 warning of serious security concerns involving the use of “highly vulnerable” Blackberries by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her entourage in the executive offices of the Foggy Bottom headquarters.

The new State records included a March 2, 2009, internal memorandum from Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Eric Boswell (FYI: Boswell was one of the handful of State employees pushed aside for their “responsibility” for the Benghazi disaster) entitled “Use of Blackberries on Mahogany Row,” in which he strongly advised that the devices not be allowed.

Boswell is pictured, above.

According to the Boswell memo, sent to Clinton and her Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, “the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of Blackberries in Mahogany Row [seventh floor executive offices] considerably outweigh their convenience.”

Clinton used her Blackberry despite Boswell’s explicit written objections.

When Boswell’s internal memo was issued on March 2, 2009, it strongly warned of the security risks involved in the use of Blackberries by Clinton and her staff:

FROM: DS – Eric J. Boswell
SUBJECT: Use of Blackberries in Mahogany Row

Our review reaffirms our belief that the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of Blackberries in the Mahogany Row [REDACTED] considerably outweigh the convenience their use can add to staff that have access to the classified OpenNet system on their desktops. [RECACTED] We also worry about the example that using Blackberries in Mahogany Row might set as we strive to promote crucial security practices and enforce important security standards among State Department staff.

I cannot stress too strongly, however, that any unclassified Blackberry is highly vulnerable in any setting to remotely and covertly monitoring conversations, retrieving e-mails, and exploiting calendars.

These new emails ought to be of interest to the FBI and federal prosecutors, as the emails show that her mishandling of classified information and violations of federal records laws was far from innocent.