Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Clinton Criticized Over ISIS Comments

If only Hillary had some serious Democratic competition willing to call her out, or if only the media would do its job and ask real questions of her, we’d all be better off. But since neither of those things will happen, we are left only to chat about it, and demand the collection of oddballs on the Republican side say something enroute to her coronation.

Hillary Clinton during Saturday’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire somehow said “We now finally are where we need to be with ISIS. We have a strategy and a commitment to go after ISIS. And we finally have a U.N. Security Council resolution bringing the world together to go after a political transition in Syria.”

Though it is unclear what the hell Hillary is actually referring to, the best guess is that “strategy and commitment” is praise for Obama’s multi-year fail in Iraq and Syria. Whatever you think the right plan is, most everyone can agree what the United States has done for the past four years in the region has been the wrong plan, accomplishing nothing but spreading the war across the Middle East. ISIS seems to be doing OK in the meantime.

Hillary also dropped an unsubstantiated claim that ISIS is using a video of Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric as a recruiting tool. Is the video running on Benghazi TV, Hils?