Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

‘Hillary just terrified everyone’ Edward Snowden Weighs in on Last Night’s Debate

Edward Snowden, the man who disclosed the vast scale of NSA spying on the world, and who is now exiled in Russia, can still vote in the United States. He is an American Citizen, and has been convicted of no felony. All he needs to do is write in for an absentee ballot and drop it in the mail.

Snowden seems to be thus following the presidential debates from Moscow, going so far last night as to live-Tweet his thoughts on Hillary’s foreign policy statements:

“Aaaaaaaaand Hillary just terrified everyone with an internet connection,” he began, referring to Hillary continuing to support her own terrible support for the destruction of Libya in 2011, and what appears to be her ongoing lust for regime changes.

When Clinton proudly continued to brag about her role in “building a coalition” and leading the 2011 NATO war in Libya, which destroyed the government and plunged the country into chaos, Snowden sarcastically tweeted “That Libya coalition worked out great.”

What Snowden knows, and Hillary apparently does not, is today large swaths of Libya are controlled by warlords, al-Qaeda and ISIS. The Libyan chaos has also caused terrorism to spread across northern Africa and leak southward.

Snowden wrote “Sanders unexpectedly more credible on foreign policy than OM [O’Malley] and Clinton, who repeat conventional wisdom that failed for a decade.”

Feel the Bern, Hillary. Looks like Snowden is on Team Sanders!