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Former Top Clinton Aide: ‘I want to avoid FOIA’

Still not sure what a Clinton administration will be like? Here’s another clue.

A former top aide to then secretary of state Hillary Clinton “joked” with reporters that he wanted to avoid open records laws, years before his and other Clinton aides’ use of private email accounts were disclosed.

I want to avoid FOIA,” Philippe Reines (pictured), Clinton’s adviser, wrote in an email to journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann in February 2009, referring to the Freedom of Information Act.

The email was revealed Thursday as part of a lawsuit launched by website Gawker earlier this year.

Reines’s comment was in response to emails from Halperin and Heilemann, who had gone through him to ask Huma Abedin — another longtime Clinton aide who hid behind the private server — for an interview for a book.

“He wants specifics,” Reines wrote. “I want to avoid FOIA.”

“I just want to know what your job and email address are,” Halperin responded.

The irony is that Reines did not want to reveal he was using Clinton’s private email server, and so did want to hide that email address from both the journalists and FOIA.

And funny thing about all that. Reines and the State Department had previously denied that there were any emails by him from his years in the State Department to turn over in response to a FOIA request by Gawker. Zip. Zero. Nada.

But hah had, last year, the State Department abruptly reversed its position, declaring that there were actually more than 17,000 emails that might have been covered by the request. Those emails were only discovered because Gawker filed a lawsuit to obtain the documents.