Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

New Poll Shows Bernie Within Striking Distance of Hillary in Iowa

Until recently, Hillary never mentioned the name Trump in public, except perhaps as the butt of a lame joke in response to a reporter’s question. It was simply below her to acknowledge she had someone claiming to be her competitor.

Same for Bernie. Clinton never mentions he too is running.

It might be time for her to rethink that policy. Clinton does still lead in Iowa over Bernie Sanders, but what once looked like a sweeping win for her may be tighter than she expected.

A new poll shows Clinton with 48% support ahead of Iowa’s February 1 caucus, with Sanders at 39% and Martin O’Malley (who?) at 4%. While the results suggest Clinton is holding her own in the kickoff caucus state, the latest poll shows her with a smaller lead over Sanders than other recent surveys.

Sanders boasts pronounced strengths of his own: By 57% to 29%, Iowa Democrats say he’d do the most to combat Wall Street power, and Sanders enjoys a 56% to 36% lead over Clinton on defending the middle class. Iowans also see Sanders as more honest and trustworthy, and they regard him as the candidate who most cares about people like themselves.

To parlay those strengths into a come-from-behind victory, Sanders will want to see a surge in turnout from younger people, first-time caucus-goers and self-described liberals. By 49% to 40%, Sanders leads Clinton among those who say they’ll be caucusing for the first time, and he takes 48% of liberals to Clinton’s 44%. But Sanders’ clearest advantage is among those younger than 45, who back Sanders over Clinton 58% to 31%.

Hey Hillary, can you feel the Bern yet?