Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Trump: Hillary ‘Killed Hundreds of Thousands With Her Stupidity’

Every time I worry about a general election between Trump and Hillary, something like this comes along to remind me while it will be horrific for the fate of our nation, we will be laughing while Rome burns. Peak Trump? We ain’t seen nothing yet!

Trump just yesterday did what he usually does, takes a tiny grain of truth and rather than explore it, simply goes nuts riffing around it. His most recent episode, for example, starts with the idea that Hillary’s term as secretary of state was a bloody mess — literally. Her unabashed support for the 2011 attacks on Libya that turned that country into a Mad Max-style failed state, her advocacy on behalf of evil, non-democratic rule in Egypt and of course her panting desire since 2011 to plunge the U.S. deeper into the Syrian mess, are all a matter of record.

But here’s how Trump pulled that all together:

He claimed Sunday that Hillary Clinton “killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity” with her decisions as secretary of state, seemingly shocking his interviewer.

In a “Fox News Sunday” interview, Trump said Clinton’s (and Obama’s) foreign-policy decisions in Africa and the Middle East resulted in the deaths of “hundreds of thousands” of people. “She is the one that caused all this problem with her stupid policies. You look at what she did with Libya, what she did with Syria. Look at Egypt, what happened with Egypt, a total mess.”

“She was truly — if not the — one of the worst secretaries of state in the history of the country,” he added. “She talks about me being dangerous. She’s killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity.”

Trump went on to clarify what he meant:

“The Middle East is a total disaster under her.”