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Hillary Clinton Denies She Blamed the Video when Meeting with Benghazi Families

Here’s a tough one: what do you believe, that Hillary lied through her teeth when meeting the relatives of those killed in Benghazi, or that she told the truth?

If you think she told the truth, you just might be reading the wrong web site. Or you might be at the right site, where you’ll learn something about our former secretary of state.

On ABC News’ This Week Sunday, Hillary was asked by host George Stephanopoulos if she had told family members of the victims of the Benghazi terrorist attacks that an anti-Muslim video was responsible for their loved ones’ deaths, as many of the family members say she did.

It was an important question to ask because a) we now know thanks to recently released emails that on the night of the attacks Clinton understood perfectly well that it was a terrorist attack (she said just that in an email to Chelsea as Benghazi was unfolding); b) several family members have publicly claimed that she blamed the video in meetings with them three days later; and c) Clinton invoked the video during her public remarks that same day.

Nonetheless, she answered the question Sunday by saying “no” in direct contradiction to the family members’ explicit claims. Here’s her reply:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did you tell them it was about the film? And what’s your response?

CLINTON: No. You know, look I understand the continuing grief at the loss that parents experienced with the loss of these four brave Americans. And I did testify, as you know, for 11 hours. And I answered all of these questions. Now, I can’t — I can’t help it the people think there has to be something else there. I said very clearly there had been a terrorist group, uh, that had taken responsibility on Facebook, um, between the time that, uh, I – you know, when I talked to my daughter, that was the latest information; we were, uh, giving it credibility. And then we learned the next day it wasn’t true. In fact, they retracted it. This was a fast-moving series of events in the fog of war and I think most Americans understand that.

Well, that certainly was a straightforward answer. Almost the kind of answer that demands some follow-ups questions. However, Clinton Foundation contributor and former Bill Clinton staffer Stephanopoulos did not ask her any follow-up questions. Shame.