Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Jeb Bush’s Last Resort: Donald Trump is a Clinton Plant

Jeb! needs an intervention. Somebody really, really needs to pull the guy aside and tell him he is just embarrassing himself at this point. If he wants to officially “stay in the race” to save a tiny bit of face, fine, but he should just shut up, get whooped in New Hampshire, and then melt away to wherever rich, dumb people go to live out their days.

Jeb! Bush has suffered at the hands of Donald Trump, who as a punk bully has taken special glee in taunting all of his weaker opponents in the Republican field, but especially so the one-time presumed frontrunner from a previously untouchable political dynasty. As his lame fight-back strategy, Jeb! revealed what might be his final attempt at thrashing the multi-haired beast: perpetuating, in a Tweet no less, the conspiracy theory that Trump was planted in the GOP race by the Clinton family.

The idea Jeb! is pimping out is that Trump will run amok, splintering the Republican field and dividing the party. Without a decent candidate for the general election opposing her, Hillary will sail into the White House. If, God help us, Trump himself is the Republican candidate in the general election, he will continue to eat himself as Hillary powers past him into history.

Now of course all that might be exactly what happens, but to suggest it has a nefarious plan behind it is too wild a conspiracy even for the Clinton’s to try and pull off.