Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Fulfilling Clinton’s Campaign Promises Will Cost $1 Trillion in Tax Dollars

This may be the one instance where we all should be glad Hillary is not telling the truth. If she was, the things she has promised to do once in the White House will cost one trillion dollars, and that is with almost a year’s worth of promises to go. And while some of these initiatives are in fact badly needed in America, how Hillary intends to pay for them without cuts somewhere else (maybe the bloated defense and intelligence budgets?) can only add up to one thing: more taxes.

Generous to a fault, at least when trolling for votes, Hillary over the weekend rolled out a new proposal to boost spending on highways, bridges and other infrastructure projects by $275 billion over five years.

That came just weeks after she unveiled a $30 billion plan for the nation’s coal producing communities, including tax breaks and measures to help local schools and protect miners’ retirement and health benefits.

Clinton’s priciest initiative (so far…) is a college affordability compact that would spare students attending public colleges in their states from having to borrow to pay tuition. It would also significantly cut interest rates on student loans. That proposal would cost $350 billion over ten years.

Then there’s Clinton’s childcare initiative: the estimated cost is $200 billion in subsidies over the coming decade.

Clinton also vowed that her administration would hit a target of having more than a half billion solar panels installed across the country by the end of her first term as part of a major alternative energy initiative. She also set a 10-year-goal of generating enough renewable energy to power every home in the United States. Estimated cost? About $60 billion over a decade. However, campaign officials say much of the cost can be offset by closing loopholes and eliminating subsidies to oil and gas companies. Riiight.

Finally, in response to what she deemed a “quiet epidemic” of heroin and prescription opiate abuse, Clinton proposed a $10 billion plan to treat addicts and attempt to limit the imprisonment of nonviolent drug offenders.