Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Calendars show Clinton Always Made Time at State for Supporters

What a generous woman Hillary Clinton is with her time!

In addition to overseeing America’s failing war in Libya, to include the tragedy at Benghazi, while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened her office to flood of influential Democratic party fundraisers, and corporate donors to her family’s “charity,” according to State Department calendars obtained by The Associated Press.

It is no wonder the State Department, now basically little more than an extension of the Clinton campaign, fought so hard to avoid releasing the calendars that tracked what Hillary really did with her time as secretary of state.

The woman who would become a 2016 presidential candidate met or spoke by phone with corporate executives, Clinton charity donors and political supporters during her four years at the State Department, records show. Many of those meetings involved heads of companies pursuing business or private interests with the Obama administration at the time, including with the State Department itself while Clinton was in charge.

In addition, at least 60 of those who met with Clinton have donated or pledged program commitments to the Clinton Foundation. A dozen have been among Hillary Clinton’s most reliable political fundraisers, bundling more than $100,000 in donations during her failed 2008 presidential campaign or providing larger amounts to Clinton-allied super political action committees. And at least six entities represented in the meetings paid former President Bill Clinton lucrative fees for speeches.

So, right, no possible legal or ethical conflicts. And get ready folks. If Clinton found that much to pimp out as secretary of state, imagine what she’ll have for sale once in the White House.

But wait — isn’t this just another case of “everybody does it?”

Maybe not. The difference with Clinton’s meetings was that she was a 2008 presidential contender who was widely expected to try again in 2016. Her availability to money people from politics, business and charity shows the extent to which her office became a tool to collect for her campaign and her family’s front organization, the Foundation.

In its response to detailed questions from the AP, the Clinton campaign of course did not address the issue of the candidate’s frequent meetings with corporate and political supporters during her State Department tenure. Instead, campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said “Secretary Clinton turned over all of her work emails, 55,000 pages of them, and asked that they be released to the public. Some of that will include her schedules. We look forward to the rest of her emails being released so people can have a greater window into her work at the department.”

The AP has also sought detailed planning schedules that aides sent Clinton before each day’s events, but the State Department has declined.