Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Trump Ad: Hillary Clinton Laughs While Benghazi Burns

So, about a year before the general election, it has already come to this. Republican frontman Donald Trump has released an attack ad directed at Hillary Clinton which features her cackling like a Macbethian witch over images of Benghazi burning, as well as various headlines chronicling her many other scandals.

Just because it’s true doesn’t mean it isn’t creepy as hell.

The ad was posted on Trump’s Instagram account with the caption, “Hillary, there is nothing to laugh about.”

On “Fox & Friends,” Steve Doocy said, “This kind of thing is very effective because it just ricochets around the Internet, you don’t have to pay for it and people are talking about it.”

Bush Underfuerher Karl Rove, a man who knows his way around slimey political tactics, also praised it, saying it “focuses the right way on Hillary Clinton” and was accurate because “she laughs at very inappropriate times.”

Hah hah. In the end, if it comes down to Trump versus Hillary in the general election, the joke’s on us.