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Grassley: I’m Worried About Secret Legal Coordination on Clinton Server

Senator Chuck Grassley is worried Hillary is secretly coordinating the legal defense of her email system with former aides and outside companies. ya’ think, Chuck?

According to an invoice from September, the Colorado-based firm that handled Clinton’s private email server billed her at least $44,000 and possibly tens of thousands more. The expenses span a period of about eight weeks, from late July of this year to mid-September for “legal defense” and “PR” related to the device. That’s a lot of legal advice for a small IT firm.

“The invoice raises questions as to whether Secretary Clinton has similar arrangements with other people or entities associated with her email server,” Grassley wrote to Clinton’s overt legal team.

“In light of this, it is important to know whether Secretary Clinton and her attorneys are providing financial support, legal support, or other coordination to those associates of hers who are involved in congressional committee and federal law enforcement inquiries relating to her email server. In particular, the committee needs to know whether the parties involved have participated in any third-party fee arrangements or joint defense agreements,” he added, warning that those arrangements could pose a conflict of interest.

Grassley noted that Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department employee who helped set up and maintain Clinton’s server, has discussed legal immunity in exchange for testimony about Clinton and her former advisers. As such, his participation in possible joint legal arrangements “would raise substantial concerns,” Grassley warned.