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State Dept: Outlook Crashes Delay Release of Clinton Documents

The State Department continues to find new excuses to delay and deny the release of important documents from Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state. Next up: the dog ate our documents.

Repeated crashes of Microsoft Outlook stymied the State Department’s ability to respond to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit demanding former Clinton’s schedules, according to a new court filing.

A written declaration from a senior State official in connection with a FOIA suit filed by the Associated Press said the agency is unable to meet a deadline to produce records of Clinton’s schedules during her four years as secretary of state. State Deputy Executive Secretary Kelly Degnan said the Outlook crashes hampered State’s ability to search email accounts and delayed the agency from searching archived versions of official emails accounts maintained by several Clinton aides involved with setting her schedule.

“Throughout August and the early part of September, problems with the Microsoft Outlook software caused Outlook to crash during the indexing process for searches, forcing us to restart the indexing process,” Degnan wrote in a declaration filed in federal court in Washington.

“Even when Outlook was able to index the files, the program often crashed before we could save the results of its searches,” Degnan wrote.

In July of this year, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon held a hearing aimed at determining why State had taken so long to respond. Leon required State FOIA official John Hackett to appear in person at the hearing. Hackett said backlogs and a lack of personnel had contributed to the delays, but Leon seemed mystified at how they could have resulted in a five-year delay.