Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Wants to Deep-Six Your Encryption

The terrorists in Paris did not use encrypted communications. They talked to each other by phone and text. It would not have mattered in any way if the government had full backdoor access to your encrypted communications, or theirs. Yet the U.S. government has used the attacks as a fear-mongering excuse to try once again to force device manufacturers and software developers to provide them with secret keys to encryption systems.

And never one to miss out on a fear-mongering opportunity, your next president has heartily endorsed this idea.

Hillary’s speech last week about how she personally will shive each member of ISIS, wipe their blood on her pants suit and then eat their still beating hearts, also included her aligning herself with the idiotic side of the encryption debate, suggesting that Silicon Valley has to somehow “fix” the issue of law enforcement wanting to see everything.

Here’s what she said:

“Another challenge is how to strike the right balance of protecting privacy and security. Encryption of mobile communications presents a particularly tough problem. We should take the concerns of law enforcement and counterterrorism professionals seriously. They have warned that impenetrable encryption may prevent them from accessing terrorist communications and preventing a future attack.”

“On the other hand, we know there are legitimate concerns about government intrusion, network security, and creating new vulnerabilities that bad actors can and would exploit. So we need Silicon Valley not to view government as its adversary. We need to challenge our best minds in the private sector to work with our best minds in the public sector to develop solutions that will both keep us safe and protect our privacy. Now is the time to solve this problem, not after the next attack.”

Hah hah, funny joke, Hillary. Weakening encryption undermines both security and privacy, undermining everyone’s right to privacy and weakening our own networks against hackers and criminals. There’s no “balance” to be had here. You want to maximize both security and privacy and the way you do that is with strong encryption.

Funny thing: Hillary’s private email server was fully unencrypted for a good part of its life, meaning the messages of the secretary of state, to include classified information, were fully available to anyone with high school-level skills. That’s yet another reason encryption is needed, to protect idiots like Clinton.