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Did Hillary Try to Join the Marine Corps?

Hillary says she did. She claims to have spoken to a Marine Corps recruiter in 1975 but was discouraged by him from even trying.

True? I call bullsh*t.

Let’s look at the state of the art of Hillary in 1975, when she says she sought to become a Big Green Machine Devil Dog. As reported by the New York Times:

— At the time, Hillary Rodham was an up-and-coming legal star involved with an up-and-coming political star. Taking a few years off to become one of the Few and the Proud would have been a very odd choice for someone so bent on fame and self-promotion.

— She had made a celebrated appearance in Life magazine as an anti-establishment commencement speaker at Wellesley College, where, as president of the student government, she had organized teach-ins on her opposition to the Vietnam War.

— She was a Yale law school graduate who had worked on the anti-war Presidential campaigns of Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern.

— Clinton told friends that she had moved to Arkansas for only one reason: to be with Bill Clinton. They married on October 11, 1975.

At the same time, take a look at the Marine Corps’ situation in 1975. The Vietnam War had made military service quite unpopular, and it seems unlikely the service would have blithely turned down any volunteer. The Corps would have especially been interested in a college-educated woman recruit. It seems unlikely in the extreme that they would have told Hillary at the door of the recruiting office to buzz off.

So I call bullsh*t, another one of Hillary’s lies meant to make her look better than the sad reality that is really her.

(FYI: The Washington Post says a qualified “maybe” to Hillary’s claim)