Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Christie: I’ll Fly Air Force One Over Disputed Chinese-Controlled Islands

Hillary Clinton no doubt was laughing her backside off last night watching the Republican debate. The candidates worked hard to outdo one another in stupidity, making claims that the U.S. would defend Finland from the Russians (Kasich), or that America should seize Iraqi oil and give it to our wounded veterans (Trump.) Hillary might as well take the next year off from campaigning and just let the Republicans self-destruct.

Chris Christie, he of the ample backside as well, is so unpopular that he did not make the main stage for the Republican debate, resigned to the Art Garfunkel role. That, however, did not stop him from bringing the crazy.

During Tuesday night’s Republican “undercard” debate on Fox Business, in response to a question about China hacking and spying on the U.S., Christie brought up the disputed Pacific Ocean islands that China is laying claim to and militarizing.

“I’ll fly Air Force One over those islands,” Christie said. “They’ll know we mean business.” Interestingly, Christie did not state outright he’d be on the plane at the time.

Christie also called Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy “feckless” and “weak,” apparently because neither of them has come up with an idea as madly insane as flying Air Force One over some islands the U.S. has no claim to or significant interest in.

Anyway, it’s only a few more weeks or so before Chris returns to his favorite White Castle in Jersey to live out his remaining years in peace.