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Where was Hillary the Night Benghazi Burned?

She was at home. And she apparently got a good night’s sleep while two good men died.

Under pressure and after months of resistance, the State Department finally released its official chronology of what the-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did (and mostly) did not do as the attack on the Benghazi Consulate unfolded. While the record may — may — be incomplete, the picture painted is of a hands-off Clinton content to stay home while on her watch people she was responsible for died.

The newly-disclosed documents obtained by Veterans for a Strong America through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit include 24 pages of watch logs from the State Department Operations Center (pictured.) The Ops Center is State’s 24/7 monitoring and coordination office. Among other things, what is know inside the organization as “The Watch” is responsible for “patching” together various Department principals by the best available communications tool, anywhere in the world.

Most principals, including the Secretary, use The Watch for this purpose for a number of reasons. The first is convenience; the Watch tracks the location of the principals, so if an Under Secretary needs to talk to a certain Deputy Secretary, she does not need to track where that person is. The Watch does that and the Under Secretary need only call in and say “Get me so-and-so.”

Other reasons to use the Watch this way is because it automatically creates an official record of who called whom and when. The Watch can also arrange and coordinate conference calls, and is available to take notes on the content of calls. It is a very convenient tool for the State Department.

The logs from that fateful night show:

— The first note of the attack is recorded just after 4 p.m. Washington time on that Tuesday afternoon. An alert is sent out.

— 15 minutes later a conference call of command centers at various agencies was convened by the White House through a mechanism known as the National Operational Intelligence Watch Officer’s Network.

— Despite the attack being on a State Department facility, Hillary only first appears on the log about 90 minutes after the fact, and only then to talk to then Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus.

— Clinton’s next recorded move doesn’t occur until another 90 minutes after that when she calls Libyan National Congress President Mohamed Magriaf at 6:49 p.m.

— Clinton is not recorded doing anything else at all until 10:27 that night, six and a half hours after the attack, when she takes a call from Obama. It is unknown where Clinton was located prior, but the House Benghazi Committee hearing with Clinton last month established that she was at home by the time of the latter call.

— The death of Ambassador Chris Stevens appears to have been reported to the operations center at 2:55 a.m. on September 12.

— The logs show no action whatsoever by Clinton until 7:15 the next morning, when she called the Operations Center.

Leaving open the possibility Clinton was receiving some sort of telephone briefings on the side, independent of the Watch, she does not appear to have been particularly involved the night of the attack. She certainly was not bothered enough to even go into the office.

In fact, the logs show that Clinton never once visited the Ops Center during the attack.

Is that presidential level leadership? These are the kinds of things the Benghazi Committee might have productively inquired of Hillary about.