Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Clinton Senior Staffer Busted for Meth in 2013

“And ye shall know them by the company they keep…”

A big part of any president’s job is hiring the right people. The U.S. government is a massive operation, and the president depends on layers of underlings to carry out his/her wishes, monitor events, and keep the president out of trouble. In today’s social media age, where everyone is a journalist (of sorts), those people need to be seen as clean and hardworking. They otherwise reflect poorly on the president and his/her judgement.

And so, to Hillary.

Hillary’s new “rapid response director” Zac Petkanas was arrested for meth possession in Atlanta in 2013. The New York Post reported Petkanas was arrested for possessing two small bags of meth at an Atlanta hospital at 4:55 am one morning.

A nurse who searched Petkanas while he was being admitted to the Grady Hospital found two “small baggies of a controlled substance in the right back pocket of the accused.” It isn’t known why Petkanas went to the hospital at the pre-dawn hour, but you are free to speculate why someone loaded with meth might need to drop by the ER at 5 am.

Now here’s the real Clintonesque touch: no further court documents are available, and it isn’t clear how the case was resolved. The charges were dropped after Petkanas completed a pre-trial diversion program, according to the Clinton campaign. And of course we should believe them.

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said Petkanas had made a “full recovery” since his 2013 arrest.

If only we’ll be able to say the same for America after the 2016 election.